Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 11 Highlights (Sep 15, 2021)

Episode 10 Day 9 Highlights of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Bigg Boss Captaincy task continued for the 9th day. All contestants again tried to collect pillows amid fightings, Pullings, snatchings, etc. This task gone almost violent. As lobo was sick he was against this taks.

At last Sree ram chandra’s team collected 5 flags and Maana’s team also collected Five flags and they are equal which couldn’t able to give captancy power to either team.

Lot of arguments went on between two team captains Manas and Sreeramchandra. Maanas said to Sreeramchandra that he doesn’t have maturity and Playing the game in wrong way. Umadevi, Siri Hanumanth, Swetha Varma and Anee Master, these lady contestants Arugued and almost gone wild inside Bigg Boss House. Sree Ramchandra warned Ravi to not play mind games with him.

Captancy task still didn’t ended. It continues in next episode and Bigg Boss again gave a New Taks to select Captain from one of them.

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