Bigg Boss 8 Telugu a Promises Mind-Blowing Season with 40 Contestants!

Bigg Boss season 7 has become a huge success, with a staggering TRP rating. Pallavi Prashanth won the title and actor Sivaji became runner-up.

As we all know, season 6 didn’t do well as it failed to entertain the bigg boss lovers. In the end, Bigg Boss season 6 ended as a flop.

However, the Bigg Boss team took some time to start season 7 and to come up with different tasks. Likewise, Bigg Boss 7 Telugu was started on 03 Septemeber 2023, with a bang.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu entertained a lot of audiences and Bigg Boss 7 has 19 contestants. However, as per the sources, Bigg Boss 8 Telugu is going to have 40 contestants.

40 contestants means it’s a daring decision to come up with this kind of idea. Because Big Boss House looks houseful with 17 or 19 contestants, just imagine 40 contestants entering the house. It’s tough to capture every moment of each housemate.

If it becomes true, then it’s going to be a record in Bigg Boss history. However, if 40 contestants enter Bigg Boss 8 Telugu House, then we can expect double elimination every week.

As per the sources, Bigg Boss 8 Telugu is expected to start in June 2024.

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