Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 103 Highlights: Some More Fun Games In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 103 is here and it is the last day of the week, and from tomorrow onwards there will be more exciting and interesting as Nagarjuna will grace the stage with his amazing presence for the Grand Finale in the house. Yesterday we have seen Aliens coming into the house and playing some fun tasks in the house with the housemates. Today also some more tasks have happened in the house. Let’s see what happened in the house.

Some More Old Games ReVisited

Yesterday Shivaji burst the ballons, Priyanka balanced the balls on the bow, and Yawar balanced the basket balls on the podium. Today aliens gave some more tasks in the house which are arranging the balls without lifting them up. The contestants have to match all the balls and then ring the bell. In this game, Amar, Arjun, and Shivaji played the game. The task was interesting, and funny as Shivaji and Amar kept on talking on how to arrange the balls.

The task went on very interestingly, and in this task Amardeep won the task. In the next game, the housemates have to balance the crockery set, just like the eviction pass one. Even though Shivaji had pain in his hand, he participated in the game, and in this game Arjun won the task. The tasks were funny and interesting and it was a good revisiting to all the housemates and they have enjoyed a lot and the Aliens have left the house.

Amardeep Becomes The Astrologer

Then Bigg Boss sent a letter saying that an astrologer will be there in the house, and that is Amardeep. He has to predict the future and make it funny. Amardeep called each one of them individually and predicted something. It was really funny as the housemates had a lot of fun in the house. Amardeep just looked like a astrologer and his slang and mannerism is also perfect.

That’s all for today’s episode. Today midnight at 11:59PM, the voting lines will be closed and the winner will be decided. Remember the game has not become one sided yet. So keep voting for your favorite contestants and help them to win the Bigg Boss title and prize money. Stay tuned for more updates for the Grand Finale in the house

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