Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 104 Highlights: Some More Fun And Intense Moments In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 104 is here and today is the Saturday episode, just like the normal saturdays Nagarjuna doesn’t come in the house today because tomorrow there is the grand finale in the house, and the stage is set for the grandest grand finale in the house because as per the TRP Reports, tomorrow the TRP rates are going to touch sky high. Yesterday we have seen some fun moments in the house. Let’s see what happens in the house today.

Sreemukhi In The House

As a part of the promotions of the upcoming reality show that is Super Singer. Srimukhi has come into the house, and promoted the show. They played some fun tasks, which is Srimukhi conducted singing competition, and it was really a fun moment in the house, as the housemates sang different variety of songs in their voices.

Then next they played guess the song, and it was also an interesting, and fun activity. For every song guess, all the housemates danced together, and it was a beautiful moment in the house.

Some Fun Moments Recreated In The House

Then Bigg Boss asked the housemates to recreate some fun moments in the house by playing different characters. Amar’s role has been played by Arjun. The situation was bricks game for the captaincy task, where Amardeep lost control and shouted and cried. Arjun recreated the scene wonderfully, and it was a fun moment.

Then Priyanka played the role of Shivaji, and she kept a fake beard and recreated the scene in which Shivaji asking coffee to Bigg Boss in the house. Priyanka nailed the role wonderfully and in the process she left the mic, then Bigg Boss said Shivaji please wear your mic. Then Shivaji got a bit alert and saw the mic, and later realized that it was Priyanka.

Then Shivaji played the role of Amardeep, and Arjun played the role of Prashanth in the house. they recreated the scene in which Amar lost the control during the debate with him ball game in the 14th week. Even that serious situation was turned into comedy and it was funny.

Blind And Hit Task In The House

Bigg Boss gave another funny task in which one of the housemate has to wear blind mask, and the other housemates have to hit them with the rubber sticks. If the housemate guesses the right person who hit them, then the other has to wear the blind mask, and the process will repeat.

It was a fun task and interesting as well. It has been trending on social media and Bigg Boss used it to the fullest

A Silver Suitcase In the House

All the fun moments are done in the house, now it is time for some seriousness, Bigg Boss sent a silver suitcase into the house, just like the day one, and asked the housemates if they want the money they can take it immediately and walk away from the house. But the housemates were still, and decided that they won’t take the prize money. The suitcase was kept back in the store room.

That’s it for today’s episode, tomorrow is the Grand finale, and the voting lines have been closed. Tomorrow we will get the winner of the Bigg Boss Season 7-Ulta Pulta- Stay tuned for more interesting and amazing updates

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