Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 Start Date

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 Start Date: Bigg Boss Telugu is a popular reality television show where contestants from various backgrounds live together in a specially constructed house and are isolated from the outside world. They participate in various tasks and challenges and record their actions and interactions 24/7. Each week, participants nominate each other for eviction, and the audience votes to decide who stays and leaves the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 became the most successful season. You know Bigg Boss Telugu has the highest TRP of 21.7. Generally, Telugu Bigg Boss seasons start in September’s first week but Bigg Boss Telugu 7 started a few days earlier.

However, with the massive success of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu, now Bigg Boss Telugu 8 is going to start even earlier. A lot of Bigg Boss lovers have been eagerly waiting to know the start date of Bigg Boss Telugu season 8.

The wait is over, as per some sources, the pre-production works are already at a brisk pace and the Bigg Boss Telugu 8 team is planning to start the show in July 2024.

This news surely brings smiles to all the bigg boss lovers. We have seen Bigg Boss Telugu 7 start a few days earlier but this Bigg Boss Telugu 8 is going to start 2 months earlier.

After the success of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu, they thought it was not right to make the viewers wait for long days for the next season. That’s why they are starting Bigg Boss Telugu 8 two months earlier.

This time in Bigg Boss Telugu 8, we are going to see surprising celebrities. Every piece of Bigg Boss Telugu 8 is going to be different from the previous season.

There was a rumor that Nagarjuna was not going to be the host for the next season and Bigg Boss Telugu 7 is his last season as a host. However, as per the sources, there is no change, and as usual, Nagarjuna will be the host for Bigg Boss Telugu 8.

If you are a telugu bigg boss lover, then keep following our page to know regular updates about Bigg Boss Telugu season 8.

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N charan DHFM
N charan DHFM
20 days ago

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