Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 20 Highlights (Sep 24, 2021)

Episode 20 Day 19 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Season

Surprise For Natraj Master

Jessi Became Captain of the House and the last episode for voting in the 3rd week was telecasted on friday. Bigg Boss gave Surprise to Nataraj Master.

As we know Natraj’s Master wife is Pregnant completing 8th Month. On the occasion of this, The Function Programme that was done at Natraj’s Master Home was shown in Bigg Boss House TV. Natraj Master became emotional and Thanked Bigg Boss. 

Lobo Breaked Rules

Lobo breaked the rules of Bigg Boss House by Sleeping in the middle of the Day. He did this Secretly without knowing anybody. Jessi alerted with the Barking Sound given by the Bigg Boss. Jessi asked Lobo did you slept, then Lobo rejected it and said that he didn’t slept at all. Jessi inthe front of Bigg boss Camera taken Punishment. 

Maanas Worst Contestant

Bigg Boss asked to nominate worst Contestant and all housemates gave more votes to Maanas as wors Contestant. Among 17 he got 8 worst Contestants. Maanas elected himself as Worst bu Captain denied that so Maanas nominated Jessi as worst. At last Maanas was send to Jail. 

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