Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 28 Highlights (Oct 02, 2021)

Episode 28 Day 27 Highlights Of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Elimination Process started in the Bigg Boss House. Nagarjuna Started the show with his entry song vandemataram. Nagarjune asked the housemates to stand, whoever had made mistake. Jessie stood and said that he failed as Captain. Shwethat stood and said she feels wrong for supporting lobo as he broke rules many times.

Nagarjuna fired on Lobo a lot for his Harsh behaviour on Priyanka and also for breaking rules of the Bigg Boss many Times. For each Pair Contestants, Nagajuna gifted separately, For Ravi and Viswa he gifted Lollipop, Lobo and Nataraj Recieved Pepperments. But Siri and Shanmukh have received Mirch as their behaviour also not Good. Nagarjuna said to Shanmukh that he does nothing and only Chitchats on Sofa and asks siri to Play her own game. One by on all the contestants saved exept Lobo, Nataraj and Siri. 


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