Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 5 Highlights (Sep 09, 2021)

Episode 5 Day 4 Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Highlights

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu entered in fourth day. Almost there weren’t any clashes, arguments between any contestants. Lobo still serving to shanmukh as slave, all contestants talking with each other.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 5 Highlights

Lobo Loves Priyanka Singh

Lobo gets attracted to Priyanka Singh’s beauty and he tries to Propose Priyanka. Priyanka singh understands his intension and says that he must asked frist permission of Maanas for his proposal.

Midnight Sirens

After all gets into sleep, siren sounds. some contestants get up and see that Lahari goes to washroom without waking up or informing RJ kajal. Sree rama chandra too wakes up later without waking up Kajal again. As we Know Bigg Boss has given responsibility to RJ Kajal to see that she must be awake till everyone in Bigg Boss house sleeps. 

The time Hamida gets a chance to enter into the Bigg Boss house. Bigg boss gives power to Hamida to choose one contestant who can never become captain. Then Hamida chooses Actress Priya

Siri Hanumanth as Captain

Bigg boss gives a cycle task to contestants to win and get captancy. Bigg boss also gives the opportunity to disturb the cycling contestants. Kajal disturbs vishwa. In this case sarayu and kajal gets in heated arguments on one another. Siri Hanumath wins and gets Captancy. 


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