Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 73 Highlights (Nov 16, 2021)

Episode 73 Day 72 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

After the heated nominations, The episode began with Kajal crying. Ravi and Sunny are trying to console her. On the other hand Anne master is seen saying that Kajal is pretty good at creating dramas, She is intentionally crying only to get the attention.

Next we see Priyanka and Sunny are talking about why the housemates are always talking about her personal relationship with Maanas. Later in the discussion, Maanas join their conversation and says that Priyanka should be strong and she should accept that housemates will target her and nominate her every week from now on because she is probably a strong contender. 

What happened to Shanmukh’s Siri bond?

On the other side we see Shanmukh is explaining to Siri about that they should sleep on different beds because he doesn’t want others to point out regarding this. The lights are turned off and the next day begins with the housemates as usually dancing for a song. This time they danced for  Ra Ra Bangaram song. 

Siri starts avoiding Shanmukh right from the day beginning itself. Even Shanmukh gets irritated and says that he is done with her because he cannot handle her two faces. 

Bigg Boss gives the contestants a new task which is called Nee Illu Bangaram Kaanu. The housemates have to catch the mining hat can mine the gold and keep them in their safe. Ravi is the sanchalak of the game. The contenders with highest number of gold coins wins. The house mate who keeps their hand after the buzzer will get a power tool as well. Sunny, Ravi, Siri and Shannu participated in the first round. 

Sunny, Anne master, Maanas and priyanka participated in the second round. Meanwhile, Siri tries to talk with Shannu but he stays that he is missing Deepthi Sunaina and he doesn’t want to talk to her. 

Siri gets emotional and locks herself in the bathroom and bangs her head to the wall. All the housemates run to the bathroom and Ravi, Shannu open the door. Then Siri hugs Shannu and cries. 

Maanas win the access to the power tool and Bigg Boss asks him pay to 25 gold coins, Then Maanas gives Sunny the power tool when Sunny pays 25 gold coins to Maanas.

Meanwhile, Shannu talks with Sreeram regarding the issue. They talk about Shannu and Siri relationship. Shannu says that they both are in relationship with others outside the house but in the show they are getting emotionally attached to each other and it has never happened to him before. 

Then Sreeram comes with a tricky question, He asks Shannu whether he will pick the title or Siri. Shannu after thinking for sometime, He says that it is the title. 

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