Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 76 Highlights (Nov 19, 2021)

Episode 76 Day 75 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

The captaincy contender task has been done and now we have four captaincy contenders and they are Maanas, Anee master, Siri, and Priyanka. 

Captaincy Task

In the latest episode, Bigg Boss gave the captaincy task and the four players are Maanas, Priyanka, Siri and Anee Master. The game is they have to hold a ring and whoever holds the ring till the very end is the new captain of the house. After some fight, Anee master got out earlier in the task.

After that even Siri and Priyanka tried their level best and they were out of the task. Finally Maanas has been selected as the captain of the house has he held the ring in his hand till the very end. 

After winning the task, Maanas, Sunny, Kajal hugged each other. On the other side, Ravi and Sreerama Chandra were discussing about who will leave the house this week. For that Ravi said Sunny would go out of the house this week. 

Eviction Pass Task

After the captaincy task was over, Bigg Boss has offered all the contestants as eviction pass. It is an pass which helps the contestant to qualify directly to the finals. In the task there was a fire engine in the garden area and it has two seats. As soon as the alarm goes off whoever goes first and sits in those seats first will get an chance to save somebody. 

There will be photos of two contestants in front of them. Then two of them should decide between themselves whom should they save. In this task, whose photo isn’t shot till the end will get the eviction pass for the finals. 

The task begins, First Shanmukh and Ravi sat on the fire engine they got photos of Sreeram and maanas. Shamukh said Maanas, Ravi said Sreeram. Finally after a decision they burned Maanas photo.

Next Maanas and Sunny sat on the fire engine seats. They got photos of Ravi and Anee Master. They burned Ravi Photo.

Then Shanmukha and Siri got the chance. They got the photos of Priyanka and Sunny. They burned Priyanka’s photo. Meanwhile Priyanka and Maanas had a clash between them.

Then Anee master and Sree Ram Chandra sat on the fire engine seats. They got photos of Siri and Shanmukh. They short Shanmukh’s Photo.

Next Priyanka and kajal got the chance, They got Siri and Sree ram Chandra photo. They burnt Sree Ram chandra’s.

Next Anee Master and Priyanka got the chance and they got the photos of Sunny and Kajal. They burnt Kajal’s Photo together.

Next Kajal and maanas got the chance and they got the photos of Siri and Anee master. They started discussing about this. Kajal says that Sunny will survive the game, If both of the photos are shot. But Maanas didn’t want that to happen and said it wasn’t correct.

Meanwhile Anee master and Priyanka talk about this. Anee master asks pinki whether she knew this was going to happen. Then Pinki replies that she doesn’t know anything about. Then Anee master comments on her saying Acting…. Acting Number 1. Then immediately Priyanka gets angry on her. Then Anee master confirms that she didn’t comment on Pinki.

It would be interesting to see who will get eliminated this week. The fight is really tough. 

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