Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 77 Highlights (Nov 20, 2021)

Episode 77 Day 76 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

The Weekend Episode began with Nagarjuna’s superb entry with ‘ Ay Bidda Idi Naa Adda.’ Song. Then we see the events happened in the house on Friday.

We see Anne asked Maanas and Kajal to give the pass to Siri. Maanas accepts that and says that he wants to save Siri but Kajal said that she doesn’t want to save Siri at all. She said that she will change her words because she doesn’t want to save anyone at all. 

While talking to Ravi, Anee Says that Kajal is delivering a wonderful performance as an actor and she also screams the same in front of everyone. 

Even Siri gets involved that she is playing games. Sreeram Chandra and Anne also said that she has been listening to their words right from the day one. Anee starts screaming at Priyanka and also screamed at everyone that they are playing the wrong game and they are involving human emotions into the game. Anee master cries out and everybody has cornered her by playing games with her. Even Priyanka says that she also felt bad when Anne master made so many statements on her. 

Eviction Pass Winner:

Now coming to the Eviction pass task, Sunny won the eviction free pass and Bigg Boss said that he will get the pass at the right time. Sreeram and Maanas start arguing and Anne master is crying on the other side. Priyanka tries to talk to her but she doesn’t want to talk with her. 

Luxury Budget task.

Bigg Boss gave colgate vedashakthi task and the housemates have to pick one person who should become fresh. Siri picked Kajal, and she gave it to Anne master. And Anne master gave it to Kajal. Maanas gave it to Sreeram and he returned the same as well. Sunny gave it to Shannu and Shannu picked Siri. Priyanka gave it to Siri, Ravi picked Anne. 

Saturday Episode:

The host Nagarjuna greeted the housemates and asks them to play a game. Ravi has to give gold to some housemates and coal to other. Ravi gave gold to Priyanka. Then Nagarjuna asks Pinki, Why did she give the ring to Maanas so easily. She says that she didn’t do it intentionally but Nag laughs at her. Then Nagarjuna asked Ravi if he really played genuine as the Sanchalak and also why he didn’t say the rules before the task.


Ravi gives gold to Maanas, Anne master, Sreeram and the coal to Kajal, Shannu, Siri and himself. Nagarjuna opens the Bigg Boss gates and asks her to come to the confession room. Then nagarjuna asks why is she harming herself and then Siri explains that she has been emotionally connecting with Shann and she also promised that she won’t repeat it. Then Nagarjuna called Shannu into the confession room and Shannu says that he is missing Deepthi badly.

Even Shannu promised that he won’t lose his energy now and he will show a new Shannu from now on. Then Nag called Maanas and asked why is he not being truthful about his feelings to Priyanka. Then Maanas explains that he is afraid. Then Nagarjuna shows a video of Priyanka crying and says that Maanas should be truthful about his feelings.

Then Nagarjuna calls Anne master into the room and said that her immaturity in Kajal’s matter is going beyond bounds and she should cut it down. 

Saved Contestants from Nominations:

Sreeram and Sunny get into the safe zone for this week. It would be interesting to see who will get eliminated from the show. 

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