Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 86 Highlights (Nov 29, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 86 Highlights

Just two more weeks are left in the Bigg Boss House, and the reality show has entered the 13th week. The most interesting segment of the week is always nominations. But before that, Not only the audience but the housemates were in shock that Ravi got eliminated. They started discussing about the reasons why Ravi could have eliminated.

Nominations Day

Maanas and Kajal think that Ravi left the show because he doesn’t cope up with everyone and they found so many faults in his game and analyzed everything. Siri, Pinki and Shanmukh just couldn’t believe that Ravi left the house. Siri and Shanmukh is very upset and Pinki feels that she has lost a person with whom she can talk anything. 

Coming back to the nominations, This week the Bigg Boss House became a Football Ground. A usual, the housemates have to pick two names and this time they have to kick the ball of the nominated person into the goal post arranged in the house. 

  • In this process Shanmukh nominated Kajal and Priyanka
  • Priyanka nominated Kajal and Siri
  • Sreeram nominated Maanas and Kajal
  • Siri has nominated Priyanka and Kajal
  • Sunny has nominated Siri and Sreeram
  • Maanas has nominated Sreeram and Siri
  • Kajal nominated Priyanka and Siri

And as usual, There was heated arguments between the contestants. During the last week’s captaincy task, Pinky asked for a chance to become a captain and accidentally used the trans community word. The same issue popped up in the nominations as well. She wanted to nominate Shanmukh, But because he is the captain he can’t be nominated. She argued that she didn’t have any reasons with others and only wanted to nominate Shanmukh itself. But Bigg Boss gave her a warning that if she doesn’t nominate anybody. She will be directly nominated. Then she completed the nomination task. 

Surprisingly this week, Sunny wasn’t nominated by anyone. Shamukh and Sunny are safe for this week from nominations. 

Nominated Contestants:

Siri, Kajal, Maanas, Sreeram and Priyanka. It would be interesting to see who will get eliminated this week because the fight is very tough. 

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