Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Grand Finale Date

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Grand Finale Date: Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Grand Finale date is expected to fall in December 2021. Its about 106 days game as everyone gets eliminated every week. Bigg Boss season 4 was started on the same day when season 5 started. As Season 4 ended on 20 December by Celebrating Grand Finale, Season 5 also seems to be ended on the Same 20 December itself. 

20 December 2021 Grand Finale

This time Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Season was about to start in June 2021 itself but couldn’t because of second wave pandemic restrictions. Season 4 and Season Season 5 has lot of similarities in number of candidates also. 19 Contestants participated in season 4 and the same number participated in Season 5.

If every thing goes well without any further pandemic restrictions or waves then Grand Finale for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 would on 20 December 2021.

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