Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Audition Form Online

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Audition Form Online:Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 will return, and it will premiere on September 4th, 2022. Both the Star Maa Channel and the Disney+Hotstar app will stream the programme. King Nagarjuna, who has hosted successful seasons in the past, is the show’s host. Due to the fact that commoners are permitted to attend the show, the officials are currently conducting auditions and shortlisting potential contestants.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Audition Form Online

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Audition Form Online

Candidates who are extremely interested in participating in the show must first check their eligibility before filling out the application. Soon, this page will be updated with the online audition form. The information for the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Audition Form can be found below.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  2. The application form must be submitted by the candidate, who must be Indian and provide proof of citizenship.
    Before applying for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6, the candidate must create an audition video. The video shouldn’t go over three minutes.
  3. The candidate unquestionably needs to speak Telugu fluently. must be interested in learning Telugu.
  4. The applicant must follow all company policies and procedures. The rules shouldn’t be broken by them.
  5. The candidate’s background should be clean and their profile should be strong. Better physical and mental health should also be achieved.
  6. The intro video should be no longer than 3 minutes and no larger than 50MB. Your form will be rejected if it exceeds.
  7. The applicant must include all pertinent information, as well as their abilities, skills, and other attributes, in the video.
  8. The face shouldn’t be altered in any way and should be clearly visible. If there has been any editing, your video will also be removed.

Registration Form

  • To learn more about the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Registration process, the Candidate must go to the official website or ask the cast. Your crew will direct you appropriately.
  • The participants will receive a registration link, and they should read all of the show’s terms and conditions before filling out the form. Before beginning the form, carefully read them.
  • Give your name, age, place of birth, city, Aadhar card, PAN card, passport-size photo, and contact information. You can also upload a video. Correctly complete the form; there shouldn’t be any errors.
  • The crew will get in touch with the applicant for the next step if the form is chosen. Don’t discuss this with the crew incessantly.

So that’s everything there is to know about Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6’s audition requirements. You can directly contact the crew to discuss the audition after we soon provide you with all the form links.

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