Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Finale Date

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Finale Date:  Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has finally been given the official go-ahead and will premiere on September 4, 2022. The contestants have also been decided upon, along with the logo and teaser. King Nagarjuna, who also hosted the OTT version and the first three seasons, will this time serve as the Season 6 host. The audience responded extremely well to all of the seasons. We must now wait and see how Bigg Boss Season 6 turns out.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Finale Date

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Finale Date

The contestants for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 have been chosen, and they will spend 105 days—almost 17 weeks—cooperating up inside the Bigg Boss House. The winner will be revealed on the final day of the competition. We can anticipate that if the premiere is in September, the conclusion will be in January.

The remaining teasers and promos will be made public very soon. According to rumours, the commoners will once again have a chance to win Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6. If that’s the case, who will enter the house this time?

The format of John de Mol’s Big Brother show serves as the sole foundation for the Bigg Boss programme. The two other housemates are nominated by the other housemates each week, and those nominated are at risk of being kicked out. Five housemates will still be present in the final week, and viewers’ votes will determine the show’s winner.

Three regular people participated as contestants in Bigg Boss Season 2 after attending the auditions. There are currently rumours that the show is returning with commoners and that it will be bigger and better than in previous seasons. The housemates must abide by the rules, and they are not allowed to leave the grounds unless they are kicked out or the Bigg Boss decides they can.

Star Maa and Disney+Hotstar both offer streaming options for The Bigg Boss Telugu. Up until the 105 days, daily episodes and the highlights will be telecast to the audience, and they will also be streamed on the OTT platform. The episodes every Sunday will primarily highlight the tasks and elimination. Following the contestant’s elimination, there will be an interview that can be viewed on Bigg Boss Buzz, which is broadcast on both Star Maa Music and Disney+Hotstar.

Additionally, you can use the missed call feature and the Hotstar application to cast your vote for your favourite contestant. Therefore, season 6 of Bigg Boss Telugu will start soon, and we are confident that you will enjoy it because it will be much bigger than the previous seasons.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is likely to be just as successful as the previous season, which was Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5.

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