Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu 11th October 2022 Written Updates: The Emotional Battery Charging

After the heated nominations segment in the house. Bigg Boss planned for a interesting captaincy contenders task in the house. The task dealt with loads of emotions and other aspects in the house. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

The battery charging task

Bigg Boss planned the captaincy contender task with the name battery recharge. The task has emotions and some tactical aspects as well. As a part of the process, every housemate will get 100% battery. Then one by one they will be called into the confession room.

Then Bigg Boss will show some things on the screen like audio call, video call, food, and t-shirt from home. If they reject any option, then the entire house has to face the consequences. The housemates have to choose one option and in return the battery percentage will be decreased. To increase, the battery percentage you have to participate in the tasks. If the housemates are breaking any rules in the house, then the battery percentage will be decreased.

First Srihan went into the room. He was shown different options on the screen. He said that he didn’t want anything from the house. Then Bigg Boss gave him a warning that if he doesn’t pick an option then there will be consequences.

Srihan chose food which cost him 15%. Sudeepa chose audio call which cost her 30% and Adi Reddy chose video call which cost him 40% of the battery. Revanth and Geethu violated the rules in the house, and then Bigg Boss took away 10% from their batteries.

The task is very complicated, and no one can point their fingers at other for making choices because it is all related to their families. Those will bring the battery percentage down by breaking the rules will face the heat from Bigg Boss.

The task will be continued tomorrow and we have to see what happens in the house.

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