Bigg Boss Telugu Grand Finale Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Grand Finale Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT has finally come to an end and the OTT version showed the different sides of the games wonderfully and it became quite popular amongst the audience. Nagarjuna Akkineni has hosted his marvellous show, Let’s see what happened in the grand finale.

The grand finale episode began grandly with some dance numbers and after that Nagarjuna met all the eliminated housemates as well as the family members of the seven finalists. He asked all of them to pick the top 3 in the game and all of them gave their opinions.

Nagarjuna interacted with the housemates after this and asked them to pick their favorite places in the house. After this segment, Nagarjuna mentioned there is an elimination process and in this process Anil Rathod was eliminated from the house.

After the elimination, Satyadev entered the house as a part of the promotions of his upcoming movie Godse. The segment went on well and as per the instructions Satyadev had to bring one housemates from the house, Satyadev came out along with Baba Bhaskar onto the stage.

Two eliminations have been done and after that Team Major Adivi Sesh, Saiee Manjrekar and Sobhitha Dhulipala entered into the house to play an Awards ceremony game with the housemates. The segment was fun filling and after that, Mitraww Sharma got eliminated from the house. Everybody were expecting Mitraww to be in the top 3 but she ended up at 5th position.

With four members in the house, Team F3 Anil Ravipudi and Sunil entered the house with a silver suitcase and they lured the housemates to pick up the suitcase. Ariyana decided that she will take it up and the silver suitcase has 10 Lakh Rupees. After that segment, Siva was eliminated from the house.

Final Race- Bindu Vs Akhil Yet again.

After Siva was eliminated, the house was left with two housemates only Bindu and Akhil. Nagarjuna lured them again with a Golden Suitcase and both of them rejected the offer. They came onto the stage and after a lot of suspense Nagarjuna announced Bindu Madhavi as the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT. She is the first lady to pick up the Bigg Boss Telugu trophy.

She got a prize money of 40Lakh Rupees, and she became little emotional as well. In her winning speech she dedicated this title to all the late bloomers. Thats how the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT version has ended. Very soon Bigg Boss Season 6 is going to come.



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