Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 13th May 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 13th May 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is getting interesting with each episode. Yesterday we have seen Anil asking for the voting appeal to the audience as Akhil sacrificed his flowers to him. We have also seen the peak performance of Natraj master in the house. Now let’s what happened in the house today. There have after effects ot the task and a lot of arguments between the housemates to win the task and a special guest also entered into the house. Let’s check them out in detail.

After-effects of the task.

The opening segment started with Baba Bhaskar laid sattires on Ariyana in the early morning itself. She got hurt for that and cried. Later on Natraj master told Ariyana told he is not even seeing Akhil’s face. Akhil was upset with this point because there was no point in blaming him.

Time Card Tasks.

There are eight people in the house and they have 8 Time Cards. Bigg Boss announced that there are different minutes written on the card. A lot of arguments happened in the house on who will wear the highest number of minutes. Bindu Madhavi almost argued with the whole house that she should get a chance to win a task.

But nobody listened to her and she kept on saying that she wanted to be in the first place because she knows what her game is. The argument between Siva and Bindu was strengthened a bit. In the end, Siva, Natraj, Akhil and Ariyana were given the opportunity to go to the next level and appeal for voting in the task of who will appear for the most minutes in an episode.

As a part of this task, Bigg Boss told the housemates to impress the guests and entertain them. That guest is none other than Anasuya. She entered into the house with the song Suya… Suya.

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