Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-16th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-16th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is getting interesting with each coming day. As the weekend is getting closer, the elimination is really troubling the housemates. Lets see what happened in the house.

The episode began with the task Gurtukostunnayi in which Bigg boss compiled a collection of childhood pictures of the contestants and asked the housemates to share their memories related to the pictures. Bindu and Anil became very emotional during this task.

Broken Promises

Then Bigg Boss placed board at the garden which consists of names assigned by housemates for themselves before coming to the house then Bigg Boss asked every contestant to select two housemates who have failed to keep theirpromises and explain reasons.

  • Shiva chose Gave up to Anil and Coward to Ariyana
  • Akhil chose Coward to Ariyana
  • Bindu chose Gave up to Anil
  • Ashu chose coward to Ariyana and Gave up to Anil
  • Ariyana chose barking to Natraj master and Loser to Akhil
  • Mitraww chose Gave up to Anil and Coward to Ariyana
  • Ajay chose Virakthi to Bindu
  • Mahesh chose Gave up to Anil and Pichekkindi to Ashu
  • Hamida chose Barking to Natraj master
  • Natraj master chose Thaggeundhi to Hamida
  • Anil chose Barking to Natraj master.

During this task there were some arguments between the housemates. Ariyana pointed out on Akhil that he always plays group games that is why he is the loser. Akhil and Ariyana argued on that issue for sometime.

Ariyana scolded Mitraww for saying she is not strong only because she shared her sadness in the morning with Mitraww. Ariyana was clearly getting frustrated with most of the housemates picking her as a coward.

A small argument happened between Natraj and Hamida because Hamida said that Natraj always barks and Natraj countered that with Hamida is making a person as Bakara to win her game.

It would be interesting to see who will get eliminated from the house.

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