Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-17th March 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-17th March 2022 Highlights

The Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is becoming interesting each day with secret tasks and interesting games. Siva and Ariyana got the secret tasks and they managed to do it.

Who played the secret task?

This week’s captaincy task is about guessing who played the secret task. Bigg Boss asked the housemates to guess the name of the housemate who was involved in the secret task and making decisions in the house. Few of them guessed correctly with Siva and Ariyana. After the guessing work was done, Bigg Boss chose the captaincy contenders for this week and they are Ajay, Ashu Reddy, Chaitu, Hamida Siva and Ariyana.

New Captain of the house

The captaincy task happened in thee rounds. The first one was the captaincy contenders have to make a cup pyramid. In this round Ariyana got eliminated. The second round was about picking the colored shaped blocks. In this round Ajay got eliminated.

In the final round, The housemates have to hold the pillar. Whoever holds the pillar for the long time will be the captain. RJ Chaithu won the task and he became the new captain of the house for this week.

It would be interesting to see how RJ Chaithu will handle the house because recently itself Bigg Boss brought down a captain because of lack of discipline.

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