Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 29th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 29th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss show is continuing as an emotional ride for the housemates as the family members of the housemates are coming one by one into the house. Bigg Boss Telugu OTT finale is just a few weeks away and very soon we will know who is the winner in the house. Let’s get into details now.

Luxury Budget Task

The continuation of the luxury budget task has happened in the house and Ariyana acted as dance teacher and made the house into dance party. Boys danced for O antava mama song and girls danced for Srivalli song. After that Natraj master became PT master and created fun by acting as transgender and teaching exercises to Akhil.


Families in the house.

Ariyana’s friend Ravi Teja came into the house and surprised her. She felt very happy and shared that finally she earned money and will buy a house once she comes out of the house. Ravi Teja consoled her as she became emotional and praised her game.

Akhil’s mother Durga entered into the house and made fun with Shiva and she hugged Bindu and asked her to visit their house after the Bigg boss season gets complete by forgetting all the fight happened between Akhil and Bindu. Akhil became little emotional as her mother told the housemates that Akhil’s father health issue isn’t that good.

Finally Mitraww’s friend Balachandran came into the house and explained to Mitraww that even the people who she is thinking of as her enemies were also her friends. He mentioned that housemates are like her friends and finally while leaving the house he shared a story saying that Mitraww helped him a lot when he was in trouble.

Dart Game

Adding points to the luxury budget by dart game continued in the house and all the family members played that game.

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