Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-31st March 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-31st March 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is getting interesting with each and every day with wild card entry and interesting tasks the show is getting the required attention from the audience. Here is what happened in the show.

Mumaith Khan’s Judgement

Mumaith Khan who has entered the house as a wild card entry gave her final judgement related to the divorce of Akhil and Bindu. Both the lawyers Natraj and Siva gave their closing statements and then Mumaith Khan gave her judgement in favor of Akhil. As Akhil team won the task, Bigg Boss gave them a chance to become the captaincy contenders.

Captaincy Contenders for this week

Akhil Sarthak chose Ashu, Ajay, and Ashu from his team for the captaincy. Bindu and Siva got the opportunity from other team and Mumaith Khan also got the opportunity to participate in the game.

Ethara Jenda Task

The captaincy task for this week is Ethara Jenda where the housemates has to stand in a ring and they have to pull each other to catch the flags printed with their faces. The task went on real tough and the final fight was between Ajay and Akhil. After a tough battle Akhil won the captaincy task.

After the captaincy task, Ashu told Akhil that he is making her feel jealous. There is no clarity on what’s happening between them.

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