Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-4th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-4th April 2022 Highlights

After the emotional and funny weekend, The Monday nominations is here. The Sixth week in the house got kick started with some rage and fire. Let’s see what happened in the nomination process.

Nominations on Fire

In this nominations process, the housemates have to drop the pictures of the other housemates that they want to nominate in fire. Here is the list of nominations.

  • Ariyana nominated Mitraww, and Bindu Madhavu
  • Ajay nominated Mahesh and Hamida
  • Ashu nominated Mitraww and Hamida
  • Anil nominated Natraj master and Mitraww
  • Sravanthi nominated Mitraww and Natraj Master
  • Mahesh nominated Mumaith and Mitraww
  • Hamida nominated Ashu and Ajay
  • Natraj master nominated Bindu, and Sravanthi
  • Siva nominated Mitraww and Mahesh
  • Mumaith nominated Mahesh and Mitraww
  • Mitraww nominated Mahesh and Shiva
  • Bindu nominated Natraj and Ashu
  • Akhil nominated Bindu and Mitraww

Arguments during nominations

During the nominations some interesting arguments happened between the housemates. Here they are.

Ajay and Hamida argued about the F word which was used by Ajay against Bindu madhavi. Ajay said that Hamida was portraying him badly in the house and to the public. Hamida countered back saying that she just told what she heard and nothing more.

Anil and Natraj master argued that Natraj master is playing an aggressive game. Then Natraj master countered back saying that Anil is playing the game by other’s influence. For that Anil raised his voice and a huge argument happened between the two.

Sravanthi and Natraj master argued during the nomination when Natraj compared her with Sakuni. For that Sravanthi lost her temper and argued with him.

Finally Siva and Mitraww argued that she wasn’t letting him say his point. She interrupted him during the nomination process and made false accusations on him. When Mitraww nominated Siva, she didn’t give a valid reason even Bigg Boss asked her to do the nomination process correctly.

Nominated Contestants for this week

Nominated contestants for this week are Sravanthi, Mumaith, Siva, Ajay, Bindu, Natraj, Mitraww, Mahesh, Ashu, and Hamida.

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