Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-7th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-7th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is getting interesting with each day and the tasks are getting heated up. The house has a new captain now, It was not easy for the contenders to get the captain role. Let’s see what happened today.

During the morning task Bigg Boss gave You are not my captain task. The housemates have to stab the vest of the captaincy contenders and declare that they cannot be the house captain.

You are not my captain.

  • Sravanthi picked Siva
  • Ariyana picked Hamida
  • Mahesh picked Mumaith khan
  • Mitraww picked Mumaith
  • Ajay picked Hamida
  • Anil picked Mumaith
  • ¬†Akhil picked Siva
  • Bindu picked Ashu
  • Natraj master picked Hamida

As Ashu got the less no of stabs in the house. She was declared the captain of the house.

During the captaincy announcement. Some interesting battles happened between the housemates.

Mumait vs Mahesh

Mahesh picked Mumaith because she stole his robot parts during the task. Then Mumait argued that Mahesh was diplomatic by not picking others. Mahesh argued that he was hurt because of Mumait.

Hamida vs Ajay

Ajay picked Hamida and she got upset because of that. She argued that Ajay was playing the game as a group. Ajay did not like that and argued with Hamida.

Mitraww vs Mumait

Mitraww revealed that Mumaith was the weakest contestant in the house. Then Mumaith countered back saying that Mitraww is a fake person and for that Mitraww cried later.

But the real game changer of the week was Natraj master. He was constantly saying that he is going to stab Siva during the captaincy announcement but he stabbed Hamida who was planning to become the captain.

On the other hand, Siva was upset with Bindu as Sanchalak because she didn’t pic the order in which housemates have to participate in the task.

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