Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 19th October 2022 Written Updates: Food Problems

Bigg Boss house is in serious situation now, as the Bigg Boss took some serious class to the housemates for not doing the tasks properly, and the Bigg boss has also cancelled the captaincy contenders game. After that there were some punishments for the housemates. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Theives in the house.

Bigg Boss asked the housemates to stay in the bedroom for a while. Then the doors were locked, and some thieves came through the main door and stole all the food from the house. They kept every food item in the store room, and went out of the house. Nothing was left for the housemates. Then it was announced that if the housemates want food, they have to do some tasks in the house.

Kabbadi game.

The teams which were divided earlier during the week are still intact. The housemates played Kabbadi game, and in this task. First Surya team won the game, and they were eligible to eat the food. After that there was tug of war game in which Revanth team won the task, and they got food as well.

Punishment for Geethu and Adi Reddy

Bigg Boss is not talking to the housemates directly. He is sending his orders through letters. When the food task was won by Adi reddy. It was clearly mentioned that the food cannot be shared with others. But Geethu again broke the rule in the house, and took some share of the food.

Then Bigg Boss gave punishment to Geethu and Adi Reddy. That is they have to clean the utensils of the whole Annapurna studios.

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