Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 16th, 2022 Written Updates: Sri Satya Eliminated

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has entered into the finale week, and just yesterday the voting appeal tasks were done and today it continued because Bigg Boss wants to give opportunity for all the contestants to ask for the votes. Many interesting things happened in the house. Let’s check them out shall we.

Voting Appeal Continues.

After Rohith, Adi Reddy gave their voting appeal. Bigg Boss conducted some other tasks for the housemates, and in this game, all the housemates got the opportunity to ask for the votes. Sri Satya, Keerthi, Revanth, and Srihan also got the opportunity to ask for the votes, and it went on smoothly.

Mid Week Elimination

But the main twist remained in the episode, that was Mid-week elimination. Bigg Boss called all the housemates into the garden area, and told them about the Mid week elimination. As per the voting results, it was declared after a lot of suspense that Sri Satya got eliminated from the house. The housemates felt a bit emotional and Sri Satya went out of the house.

The voting lines have been closed, and very soon we will have a winner of the Bigg Boss Season 6. The finale episode will be streamed from 6PM and let’s see who will win the title.

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