Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 18th, 2022 Written Updates: Revanth the Winner

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 the finale episode is here and it was star-studded with amazing moments and emotional moments and twists and turns were also there. Many things happened in the finale, let’s check them out.

Nagarjuna gave a royal entry to the show and afterward the ex-housemates danced to the various tunes, and it was like a get-together for all of them.  Then Nagarjuna talked to the top 5 of the house, and how they were feeling during the finale moment. Everything was nicely set up by the Bigg Boss for the grand finale.

Nikhil Siddartha in the house.

As a part of promotion for his upcoming movie 18 Pages, Nikhil Siddartha came to the Bigg Boss show and Nagarjuna congratulated him for the blockbuster movie Karthikeya 2. After that Nikhil went into the house with a big responsibility on his shoulder and that is, he has to eliminate one person from the house. After some initial suspense, and thrill, Nikhil eliminated Rohith and came out with him onto the stage.

Adi Reddy Eliminated

After Rohith got eliminated, Ravi Teja and Sree Leela came to the show for their movie promotions Dhamaka. In this segment, the housemates have to cut the rope and their doll which is hanging on the top will fall down into the pool. Whosever doll falls into the pool is eliminated. All the housemates, cut their ropes, and Adi Reddy’s doll fell in the pool and he got eliminated.

Keerthi eliminated.

After that Ravi Teja went into the house, and gave the top 3 an opportunity to get some cash that is kept in a briefcase. But the housemates weren’t ready to take the suitcase, then there was a red suitcase and after some initial suspense, Ravi Teja gave the Red suitcase to Keerthi and she got eliminated.

Twist in the tale.

The Top 2 in the house celebrated in the house, and then Nagarjuna went into the house to give them an offer that is 30 Lakhs prize money. But both of them denied the offer, then Nagarjuna increased the offer to 40Lakhs. Then Srihan took the briefcase and came out of the house. On the stage, Revanth got declared as the winner of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6. After the winner was declared, Nagarjuna said that Srihan actually won marginally with the votes and he got the first place. Now as he took the suitcase, the title went to Revanth.

That’s how the show concluded, and the season is finished. See you until next time.

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