Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 26 Day 25 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 26 Day 25 Highlights

After the captaincy contenders task is over, Bigg Boss gave two important events to the housemates and it was quite interesting with some debates and heated arguments between the housemates. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Geethu cries

From the past three weeks, we have seeing Geethu as a strong contestant and she is a hard core person but she got emotional and cried because Baladitya didn’t help her in the game. She was really upset and deeply hurt by Baladitya.

Revanth’s emotional moment

Bigg Boss told Revanth that his family members have conducted a Baby shower event for Anvitha last week. Bigg Boss showcased the function’s glimpses, making Revanth extremely emotional. After that everyone extended their best wishes to Revanth and his wife.

Knock out the contestant from the captaincy.

Punch Padudhi is the first level of the captaincy task, and there are multiple captaincy contenders for this week. However, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to punch the poster of a person who they don’t want to be in the captaincy race. In this process, Revanth disqualified Rajasekhar, RJ Surya disqualified Vasanthi, Adi Reddy disqualified Arjun Kalyan, Baladitya disqualified Faima, and Chanti disqualified Geethu.

Geethu Vs Chanti

During this process, when chanti disqualified Geethu. He said that she couldn’t command or request the housemates as a captain and she is unfit for the captaincy. Then Geethu passed a comment saying that it feels funny for her to see someone who doesn’t play the game is disqualifying someone who played the game. He got offended with the comment and picked up an argument with Geethu. After that Geethu walked out of the argument.

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