Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 30 Day 29 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 30 Day 29 Highlights

After the interesting Sunday Funday episode, Bigg Boss Season 6 Monday nominations are here and it is quite interesting with a little twist in the tale for this time. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Handcuffs Nominations.

Before we get into nominations, Bigg Boss announced that Rohith and Marina will be separate contestants from now on and they are going to play the game individually from now on. As the captain of the house, Keerthi cannot be nominated from the house.

In this handcuff nominations, Bigg boss will choose two people and there will be handcuffs on either of their hands. They have to decide amongst themselves, who is going to get nominated for this week and the segment was really interesting.

Rohith and Marina got handcuffed and they debated among themselves for a few moments. After a lot of debate, Marina got nominated.

Sudeepa and Vasanthi nomination was quite boring because they argued for an hour over the nominations and after a lot of debates and irritation. Vasanthi got nominated.

Srihan and Inaya were handcuffed and this was one of the best debates in the house. Srihan played the game intelligently and in this process Inaya got little carried away and nominated herself.

Another interesting nomination happened is between Revanth and Adi Reddy. In this discussion, Adi reddy had some high moments, and debated wonderfully. Even Revanth didn’t back away and there nomination was quite the best. Finally, Adi Reddy got nominated.

Faima and Surya were handcuffed and after a little discussion, Faima got nominated for the week.

Rajsekhar and Bala aditya were handcuffed. We don’t understand why Bala aditya is underestimating himself and he got nominated for that.

Sri Satya and Arjun Kalyan were handcuffed and in this segment, Sri Satya clearly dominated Arjun and he got nominated.

Geethu and Chanti were handcuffed and it was quite evident that Chanti was nominated.

Revanth Vs Keerthi

Revanth had an argument with Keerthi. The housemates were instructed to not respond to anything or anyone outside the house. But Revanth tried to respond to someone outside the Bigg Boss house when he was in the garden. Bigg Boss gave warning to Revanth and also reminded Keerthi that it was her responsibility to make sure everyone follows the house roles and there was argument between Revanth and Keerthi.

She was determined to give him a punishment, but he argued that it was not him alone who has done it. He refused to obey her instructions. After a lot of argument, Revanth apologized to Keerthi and said that he is ready for the punishment.

So this is what happened in the house today. Let’s see what happens in the task tomorrow.



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