Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 8 Day 7 Highlights

The Sunday episode is here and as we all know that Sunday is Funday in the Bigg Boss house and there will be also elimination in midst of this. But there is a twist in the first week of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6. Let’s see happened in the house.

Star Of The Week

A new term called Star of the week was introduced by the organizers. Every week there will be a new star in the house. This time, the contestants played a game on how much do they know eachother. Nagarjuna asked questions about all the housemates and whoever answers the questions correctly, will get a point. In this game Baladitya answered many questions and he was the star of the week and was given a special hamper as well.

Item and Song

The fun task of the house was the item and the song. In this game, Nagarjuna divided the house into two teams and he showed the items and the teams have to guess the song based on the item shown. The team A which consisted of Revanth, Chanti, Sri Satya, Abhinaya, Marina, Rohith, Arjun, Keerthi, Shani, and Inaya won this task.

Three in the danger and their complaints.

Nagarjuna asked the house to complain against the three housemates who were in danger, they were Arohi Rao, Inaya Sulthana and Abhinaya. Out of 18 contestants, 14 of them shared different complaints on Inaya. After that she felt very emotional and cried in the bedroom.

The big twist-No Elimination on the First Week

Since this the first week in the house and even the votings began from Wednesday onwards, Bigg Boss has decided that there will be no elimination in the house. This is the very time which is happening in the Bigg Boss whole seasons, and Nagarjuna wished all of them best of luck and signed off. But there has been a rumor going around that there will be double elimination in the second week.

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