Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 28th, 2022 Written Updates: Canon Nominations

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has entered into another week that is the 13th week and there will be more interesting aspects and these are the final stages in the Bigg Boss house and the rankings might change up if the housemates don’t give their 100% in the house. Today some interesting nominations happened in the house. Let’s check out what happened in the house today.

Canon Nominations. 

The 13th week in the house is probably the last week in which there will be nominations. After this week, everybody will be in the nominations. In this nominations, there was a canon kept in the house and the housemates have to choose two people whom they want to eliminate from the house, and the nominated contestant should go and stand in front of the Canon. Then it will shoot red color on their face. That’s the nomination procedure. As Inaya is the last captain of the house, she cannot be nominated for this week.

There have been many fights between Revanth-Adi Reddy, Revanth-Faima, Srihan-Adi Reddy, Sri Satya-Keerthi. The highest number of nominations came to Revanth and Rohith because the housemates believed that they are the strongest contestants in the house.

There have been some specualtions going around the Bigg Boss house that there will be a mid week elimination as well for this week. We have to see how true that is going to be.

Nominated contestants for this week

The nominated contestants are Revanth, Rohith, Adi Reddy, Faima, Keerthi, and Sri Satya. Except Srihan and Inaya everybody are in nominations. Vote for your favorite housemates, and save them from elimination.

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