Bigg boss Telugu Season 6 October 13th 2022 Written Updates: Rohit’s Ultimate Sacrifice.

Right now, the Bigg Boss house is going through some tough emotions and sacrifices as well. Yesterday we have seen contestants talking to their loved ones and feeling a bit emotional. Today also same thing happened in the house. Let’s check it out in detail.

Rohit nominated for two weeks

As Bala Aditya chose to talk to his wife. The battery percentage came down to zero and the game was stopped. To revive the battery percentage again. Bigg Boss gave a tough choice to the housemates. Which is either Rohith or Vasanthi should get nominated directly for the next two weeks. Without debating or anything, Rohith decided that he will get nominated for the two weeks and the battery percentage rose up to 100%.

Even though he made that sacrifice for the housemates to talked to their loved ones. Rohith and Marina didn’t get a chance for their surprise. This was devastating for them, because Raj has completely drained out the battery and Bigg Boss stopped the game after that.

Injuries in the captaincy contenders game.

Before that Revanth got his wife’s photo as a  gift, Surya got a handwritten letter, Faima talked to her mother, Vasanthi got a photo frame from the house, Arjun talked to his loved ones, Keerthi received an audio message from ex-bigg boss contestant Manas.

Then Bigg Boss decided that as everybody has sacrificed their level best in the house. He gave everybody an opportunity to become the captaincy contenders. The house was divided into two teams. Some basket balls were kept in the middle. Whoever picks the balls and keep it in the box with their names becomes the captaincy contenders

In this game Adi reddy, vasanthi, Surya, Arjun, rohith, revanth, Satya, raj. During this game the housemates got many injuries and Bigg Boss told them not to be physical in the game.

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