How To Vote For Bigg Boss Telugu OTT

How to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu OTT: Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Process is the same as that of Regular Bigg Boss Telugu Seasons. You can vote for your favorite Bigg Boss Contestants in 2 methods. One is Missed call method and other is Hotstar method. Below we have explained you fully in detail of how you can vote for your favorite Bigg Boss Contestant.

Missed Call Method

  • Every Bigg Boss Contestant will be allotted a separate Missed Call number. Audience and fans have to dial to that number at time of voting.
  • If you dial to that given number, then the call rings and it cuts down automatically
  • For one missed call, One vote is counted. Likewise, you can give 10 missed calls per day from one mobile number.

Hotstar or OTT Voting Method

  • Hotstar voting method is very easy and fast compare to that of Missed call method
  • You no need to subscribe Hotstar to give your vote for your favourite Contestant
  • You have to first download hotstar Ott app and must create account with your mobile number
  • After creating account, Go to search bar and type Bigg Boss Telugu OTT
  • Bigg Boss Telugu OTT logo appears, Below that you can see voting button or vote bar
  • Click on the Voting bar, then you can see pics of nominated Contestants. Tap on your favourite Contestant pic. 
  • For one tap you, one vote is counted, Like wise you can give 10 votes per day.

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