Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 18 Highlights (Sep 22, 2021)

Episode 18 Day 17 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu 5

Swetha Takes Seriously

Wedding Match task has been stil continued for the 17th Day. All Contestants started Performing their own roles that were given by Bigg Boss. Shanmukh, Lobo and Swetha acting as a Event Management team in which Shanmukh is the Marriage Broker and Lobo, Swetha are event managers.

In the middle of the Play, Swetha Gets hurt emotionally when Shanmukh says that he is fear to say anything to swetha if he says, swetha will again hit his face with Paint. Shanmukh told these words in a joke but Swetha took it seriously. 

Ravi Robs Priya’s Necklace

Ravi will be called by Bigg Boss in a secret room. Bigg boss tells that he will be given a secret Captancy task. There he will be asked to Rob Priya’s Necklace without her and housemates knowledge. He robs that necklace and Priya starts searching for it later.

Captancy Task

Wedding Match Task will be completed, Sriraamachandra and Lahari both gets Engaged at last in the given Play. In the coming up, Contestants will be seen diving in swimming pool to collect alphabets and fill Captain word. This might be a next Captain task given by Bigg Boss.

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