Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 17 Highlights (Sep 21, 2021)

Episode 17 Day 16 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

5 Contestants Nominated

Nominations have completed for the third week in the Bigg Boss 5 House. Total 5 Contestants have nominated for this week, They are Maanas, Priyanka Singh, Priya, Lahari and Kaajal. Among these only Lahari is new to the nominations, the rest of 4 contestants already faced nominations successfully in Previous weeks. 

Priya, Lahari and Ravi Discussions

Priya’s Allgegations on Lahari that she is being close to all men in the house has created a lot of ruckus and disturbance in the house. Lahari, Ravi and Priya tried to sort out this Problem. Priya said that, She used those comments only after Ravi tells me about Lahari being close to her and he feels uncomfortable. But Ravi later denies all this infront of Priya and Lahari and said that he Didn’t said that.

Bigg boss again given a Captancy task to the housemates. All house mates need to be part of wedding match Programme and they need to act like a 2 families where they come together for a wedding match or Matrimony. Each Contestant has got a separate role. Lahari got Bride role and Sreerama chandra got Groom role, Lobo as Event Manager, Anne Master as Bride’s Mother role. 


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