Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 63 Highlights (Nov 06, 2021)

Episode 63 Day 62 Highlights Of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

9th Week Ending

Voting for 9th Week nominations has got completed and Weekend Elimination Process along with Some Entertainment has began in 63rd Episode. Differences between Siri and Shanmukh still went on.

Shannu tried a lot to Please Siri but Siri continuously rejected and telling him to go away from her side.ย 

Drink Revenge

As usual All Housemates Gathered infront of Bigg Boss TV and Host Nagarjuna Started his Elimination Process, But before that, He gave Some funny Tasks to the Housemates. As we know in the Captaincy taks Ravi, Anee, Sreeramachandra and Priyanka was made to drink bitter and tasteless kind of drinks with some raw eggs and soya sauce included in that. Host Nagarjuna gave all these 4 Housemates a chance to take revenge on whomever they want to for making them drink raw and tasteless juice. The same raw ugly juice was made to drink by sunny, Maanas, Shanmukh.

Elimination Began

Elimination Process began, Among 8 Nominated Housemates, Sunny, Siri and Ravi got saved in 63rd Episode. More 5 Housemates, Kajal, Vishwa, Ravi, Jessi and Priyanka are left. Who eliminated will be known in Coming Episode. As Per Unofficial Sources, It seems that Vishwa got Eliminated in this 9th week, Lets See.

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