Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 101 Highlights: Yawar and Prashanth AVs Are Shown In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 101 is here and there are just 4 days left in the house for the grand finale. There are also some rumors going around the internet and social media that there will be mid week elimination in the house. Yesterday we have seen Shivaji and Priyanka’s AVs in the house. Today we will see Yawar and Prashanth’s AVs in the house. Especially Yawar felt very emotional after watching his AV, so let’s see what happened in the house today.

Yawar’s AV Shown In the House To Him

First Yawar was called into the garden area, and there were many photos of him along with Shivaji and Prashanth and their friendship in the house. It was really a beautiful moment in the house, yesterday we have seen Priyanka getting emotional in the garden area itself, just like that Yawar also got emotional in the garden area.

Then Bigg Boss called him into the activity room, and showed him his AV. It was a powerful one with yawar being shown as a tough competitor and the contestants getting a little scared of him when he is playing the game. The AV is fantastic, and Yawar became very emotional. He fell down on his knees and cried a lot.

Prashanth’s AV Shown In The House To Him

The Last but not the least, Prashanth was called into the garden area, and he just came out in a simple way and looked at his photos, and it was quite similar to Yawar’s photos. Because Yawar, Shivaji, and Prashanth are best friends in the house.

Then Bigg Boss called him into the activity room, and showed one of the best AVs of all time in the house. Prashanth’s entry as a common man to becoming the finalist of the house is an amazing journey. Even Prashanth felt emotional after watching the video

The AVs are done in the house, there might be eviction in the house tomorrow. It’s not yet confirmed, if there is anything, we will update it here. Stay tuned for more updates

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