Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 8 Highlights (Sep 12, 2021)

Episode 8 Day 7 Higlights of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Its the final day for first week’s elimination. Four Nominated contestants are left, Maanas, Kaajal, Jessy and Sarayu. Nagarjuna enters in house with Mass Biryani song.

All contestants does Ramp Walk. Next Bigg Boss Telugu divides all of them into teams and asked to tell their negative and Positive points of the Opposite contestants.

Nagarjuna gives again two tasks in which Maanas and Kaajal gets save. At last Jessy and Sarayu are asked to stand with a cycles allotted to them. Whosever cycles light doen’t glow that contestant gets eliminated. Sarayu gets eliminated at last. She comes out of the house by dancing at Exit Gate.

After Sarayu comes out, Nagarjuna asks to choose Saryu the Best 5 and 5 Worst Housemates, She selects Swetha, Maanas, Priyanka, Viswa and Hamida as Best and Lahari, Shanmukh, Siri, Kajal and Vj Sunnay. Sarayu claims that Siri and Shanmukh came into the house with a strategy. She explains about why she doesn’t like them. 

Sarayu at last was send to Bigg Boss Buzzz Programme where she will be interviewed by Host Ariyana Glory.

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