Bigg Boss 5 Telugu House Location

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu House Location

Bigg Boss House for Season 5 Telugu was located in the same place where all the previous 3 Seasons was a setup. Except Season 1 House which was located in Lonavala all the rest of the Bigg Boss House was there in Annapurna Studious, Hyderabad Itself. 

Bigg Boss House Plays the Major role. All the Setups, Architect inside this house is made specially for Bigg Boss house Game. Bigg Boss House has Two bedrooms with multiple beds and also four washroom.

Bigg Boss Telugu House Locations

Bigg Boss House Season 1Lonavala, Mumbai
Bigg Boss House Season 2Annapurna Studious, Hyderabad
Bigg Boss House Season 3Annapurna Studious, Hyderabad
Bigg Boss House Season 4Annapurna Studious, Hyderabad 
Bigg Boss House Season 5Annapurna Studious, Hyderabad

House has Garden, Pool and Gym. Living room and courtyard was also there where all activities takes place. Jail setup is also there.

Bigg Boss House whole set up is made in Annapurna Studious itself. It is the Oldest and Biggest studio owned by Akkineni Family since many years.

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