Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-11th March 2022

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-11th March 2022-Episode 19 Highlights

The captaincy contenders was going on high competition between the warriors and the challengers. Even though some got injured and there were heated arguments between the housemates. The captaincy contenders task was done and in this challenge the challengers dominated the warriors this time.

In the task the warriors completed the task by smuggling 30 idols, and the challengers smuggled 33 idols and won the task. 

Captaincy contenders for this week

Bigg Boss congratulated the challengers for their win and asked them to pick four housemates from their team for the captaincy task and two members from the warriors will get a chance.

From the challengers team: Siva, RJ chaithu, Anil Rathod and Sree Rapaka

From the warriors team: Ariyana Glory and Hamida got the opportunity.

Captaincy task

The captaincy task for this week is Lava on the floor. In this task there will be marbles and hurdles on the floor. The contenders will carry a liquid on the other side and pour it in the containers. It is important that they have to overcome the hurdles without dropping the liquid. Sreerapaka, Hamida, Ariyana, RJ Chaithu and Anil Rathod failed to do the task perfectly. Siva was announced as the winner, But there was a twist here. As per the task rules book again, Siva did a mistake in the task and the house decided that Anil is the new captain of the house.

Meanwhile Natraj Master and Mitra felt that their teams didn’t recognize their effort during the task. They felt alone in the house and got emotional.

Nominated contestants

Sarayu, Akhil Sarthak, Anil Rathod, Hamida, Mitra Sharma, Ariyana Glory, Siva, Natraj Master, Sree Rapaka, Ashu Reddy, and Mahesh Vitta.


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