Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 10th March 2022

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 10th March 2022- Episode 18 Highlights

The captaincy contenders task is still going in the house and things are getting heated up in the game. Just recently Sree rapaka got injured but that didn’t stop the game. It’s continuing with more arguments and physical battles between the teams. Let’s get into the details.

Akhil and Ajay Argument

From the past few days Akhil, Sravanthi and Ajay have been best friends in the house. Ajay said that he was getting headache then Akhil gave him a massage. Meanwhile Ajay stole the idols which made Akhil upset and he said that he was playing with his emotions. Even though they argued a but they sorted it out.

Warriors vs Bindu Madhavi and RJ Chaithu

During the task at the lunch time, Akhil Sarthak said that the smugglers are serving the food to the cops and they are eating it. Then Bindu Madhavi got angry threw her play away. Then RJ chaithu spoke on behalf of her but the warriors shot back on Chaithu for behaving arrogantly. The argument between them made Chaithu leave his food as well. 

Meanwhile the warriors crossed three levels in the task and they have smuggled almost 30 idols in the game. Then Bigg Boss reversed the roles the warriors became cops this time. Even during this time the arguments happened between the players and Bigg boss gave warned the housemates to be careful during the game. 

In the game, Sree Rapaka and Sarayu got injured but they continued to play the game. It would be interesting to see who will win the task and who will be the captaincy contenders.


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