Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-13th March 2022

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-13th March 2022-Episode 21 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT has entered into the second-week elimination. Just like every week, Nagarjuna graced the show and this time he expressed his anger upon the contestants. Let’s see what happened in the house.

Nagarjuna was angry on RJ chaithu because he was wasting the food in the house and the new captain Anil punished him with fasting. Nagarjuna also warned Bindu to not repeat her aggression on the food when she threw the plate earlier.

The biggest issue Nagarjuna discussed was with Siva because he used double meaning words with Sarayu. He showed the video for clarity and then Siva had no other option but to apologize to everyone. Then Nagarjuna said that he is disappointed with Mitra’s performance because she is not taking part in any task and game. He also asked the housemates to control their anger in the house.


There were some issues with Tejaswi being sanchalak of the house and picking Anil as the captain of the house. Tejaswi said that she did the right thing and defended herself in this matter and Nagarjuna supported her as well.

Red Heart and Black Heart

In this work, The housemates have to give Red Heart to Black heart to others.

  • Bindu Madhavi gave a black heart to Mitra, and Red heart to Ajay.
  • Siva gave black heart to Natraj, and Red heart to Ashu Reddy.
  • Tejaswi gave black heart to Bindu, and Red heart to Mitra
  • Ariyana gave black heart to Mahesh and Red heart to Akhil.
  • RJ Chaithu gave black heart to Mitra and Red heart to Anil
  • Natraj master gave black heart to Bindu Madhavi and Red heart to Tejaswi
  • Sree Rapaka gave black heart to Mitra, and Red heart to Siva
  • Ashu Reddy gave black heart to Siva, and Red heart to Akhil
  • Mahesh Vitta gave black heart to Natraj and Red heart to Siva
  • Hamida gave black heart to Sravanthi and Red heart to RJ Chaithu
  • Mitra gave black heart to RJ chaithu, and Red heart to Mahesh
  • Sarayu gave black heart to Maesh and Red heart to Anil
  • Ajay gave black heart to Mahesh, and Red heart to Akhil
  • Akhil gave black heart to Bindu, and Red heart to Mitra

Mitra received the most number of Blackhearts from the house because she thinks negatively and has an attitude as well. She felt cornered by the housemates.

Thunder Boys Vs Wonder Girls

This is a Dumb Charades game played between the boys and girls. In this game, Girls won the game and gave a dance performance.

Elimination Time

The final elimination happened between Natraj master and Sree Rapaka. Finally after some suspense Nagarjuna revealed that Sree Rapaka was eliminated from the house. She left the Bigg Boss house on a happy note and at the end she gave Trust and Do not Trust to some housemates.

Trust for Ashu Reddy, Akhil Sarthak, RJ Chaithu, Bindu Madhavi, and Tejaswi Madiwada and Do Not Trust to Sravanthi, Ajay and Mitra

So this is what happened in the house. As we enter into the third week, Things will get even more interesting.

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