Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-14th March 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-14th March 2022 Highlights

Now we enter into the third week of the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT and as usually Mondays are for nominations in the house. The nominations happened in a heated way and there were lot of arguments and discussions between the housemates. Let’s check them out in detail.

Before the nominations process began there was an morning activity for the housemates which was the housemates have to share the Bigg Boss opinion on others in a good manner. Mahesh vitta’s interpretation got appreciated by everyone. Then after that the Mitra’s never ending issues began. As we have seen in the previous episode almost everyone has given her a black heart. Because of that she had some issues with her team mates and discussing about that.

Nominations Process

This time Bigg Boss gave opportunity to Warriors and challengers to nominate two members of all the housemates.

  • Tejaswi nominated Ariyana and RJ Chaithu
  • Sravanthi nominated Hamida and Mitra
  • RJ chaithu nominated Tejaswi and Mitra
  • Mahesh nominated Ajay and Natraj Master
  • Ashu Reddy nominated Mahesh, Mitra
  • Siva nominated Natraj Master, Akhil Sarthak
  • Bindu nominated Tejaswi and Akhil Sarthak
  • Hamida nominated Sravanthi and Ajay
  • Ajay nominated Hamida, and Mahesh
  • Natraj Master nominated Siva and Bindu
  • Sarayu nominated Sravanthi, and Ajay
  • Anil nominated Mahesh and Mitra
  • Ariyana nominated Tejaswi and Mitra
  • Mitra nominated Siva and RJ Chaithu
  • Akhil nominated Siva and RJ Chaithu

During this process there were some interesting arguments between the housemates. Siva and Akhil argued about Akhil is not getting along with the housemates. Bindu Madhavi said that Tejaswi she should focus on the work apart from preaching and also argued with Akhil that she got hurt with his comments during the task.

Natraj master as usually argued Siva about his aggressive behavior and also with Bindu Madhavi saying that she has no humanity at all.

 Nominated Contestants

Nominated contestants for this week are Mitra, RJ Chaithu, Tejaswi, Siva, Ajay, Sravanthi, Akhil, Mahesh, Natraj Master, Ariyana, Hamida and Bindu Madhavi.


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