Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 2nd April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-2nd April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT has entered into the fifth weekend and there will be one elimination this time. For this episode, Suma Kanakala attended the show as a special guest. Let’s get into the details.

On the occasion of Ugadi festival, The show kicked off in a grand manner in the house. The housemates decorated the house with flowers and danced in the garden for some songs. Then Akhil and a few others in the house fooled housemates by saying that Bigg Boss sent them gifts. Bindu, Hamida, Tejaswi and Mumait fell into the trap and they realized that they were fooled by Akhil and Co.

Punishment for Bindu

Bindu Madhavi got punishment from the new captain Akhil because she has violated some house rules. Akhil told Bindu to compliment everyone in the house.

Ugadi Pachhadi Special

On the occasion of Ugadi, Housemates are divided into two teams Boys and Girls and they made Ugadi Pachhadi and they sent it to Bigg Boss.

Jayamma Panchayathi Promotions

As a part of the promotions of the upcoming movie Jayamma Panchayathi starring Suma Kanakala in the lead role. She promoted the film in the house as a special guest. She tasted Ugadi Pachchadi made by both the teams and declared Boys as the winner. Suma also read Panchagam about the housemates and described their future in the house.

Food for Housemates

Then Suma compared housemates with a food item.

  • Pulihora for Ajay
  • Perugannam for Tejaswi
  • Appadam for Mitra
  • Motichur Laddu for Ashu
  • Muruku for Natraj master
  • Muddapappu for Hamida
  • Sugar Cane for Bindu Madhavi
  • Avakai for Ariyana
  • Guthi Vankaya for Siva
  • Poothareku for Mumaith Khan
  • Puri for Akhil
  • Rasam for Mahesh
  • Banana for Sravanthi
  • White Rice for Anil.

These are all the interesting aspects happened in the house. Tomorrow we will see who will get eliminated from the house.




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