Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 3rd April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-3rd April 2022 Highlights

The much awaited Sunday episode of this week is here and many things have happened in the house. Let’s get into the details now.

Nagarjuna began the show graciously by conveying the Ugadi wishes to everyone. Then he talked to the housemates regarding the house situations and then played an interesting game.

Guilty or Not Guilty

Guilty or Not Guilty is a task which is based on the performances of the housemates during this week. Nagarjuna declared Guilty as Hamida, Ariyana, Sravanathi, Anil, Bindu Madhavi and Mitraaw. Not Guilty as Akhil, Ashu, Natraj Master, Ajay, Siva, and Mumaith Khan.

During this process, Nagarjuna warned Ajay to not use the F word whenever there is an argument taking place in the house. Nagarjuna also talked to Mitraww asking her to play the game rather than complaining about the issues.

Shadruchulu Game.

After that intense task, Nagarjuna asked the housemates to give tags to the housemates.

  • Bindu Madhavi gave Salt to Natraj and Jaggery for herself.
  • Mahesh gave Tikamaka to Mitraww and Jaggery to Natraj
  • Mitraww gave Jaggery to Mahesh and Tikamaka to Hamida
  • Ariyana gave Jaggery to Tejaswi and Tikamaka for Mitraww.
  • Hamida gave Tasmath Jagratha to Hamida and Tikamaka for Mitraww
  • Siva gave Hadhu Meeraku for Natraj Master and Andhari Bandhuvaya to Ariyana.
  • Tejaswi gave Andhari Bandhuvaya to Sravanthi and Thene Poosina Kathi to Natraj
  • Natraj gave Andhari Bandhuvaya to Ariyana and Hadhu Meeraku to Siva
  • Anil gave Andhari Bandhuvaya to Hamida and Tikamaka to Mitraww
  • Mumait gave Andhari Bandhuavaya to Ajay and Tikamaka to Mitraww
  • Ashu gave Andhari Bandhuvaya to Akhil and Tene Poosina Kathi to Siva
  • Ajay gave Andhari Bandhuvaya to Bindu and Tikamaka to Mitraww
  • Sravanthi gave Andhari Bandhuvaya to Ajay and Tikamaka to Mitraww

As per this the most loved person in the house is Ajay and most hated person is Siva.

After this task, Ashu Reddy revealed that Mumait Khan quit smoking for Ajay and Akhil. Tejaswi also revealed that Natraj master will sleep pretending that he is meditating in the house.

Pictionary Game.

The housemates have been divided into two teams and they are Team A- Bindu, Akhil, Ashu, Anil, Mitraww, Mumaith and Mahesh. Team B- Siva, Ariyana, Tejaswi, Sravanthi, Natraj and Hamida. In this game, The housemates have to take a chit and picture it on the board and the team has to guess the song. In this game, Bindu’s team won the task.

After some fun filling some sessions. Another intense task happened in the house.

Who should change what?

Nagarjuna asked the housemates to reveal what others have to change about themselves.

  • Siva said that Mitraww overthinks about her a lot.
  • Mitraww countered that by saying Siva should have some patience.
  • Tejaswi said that Sravanthi should start thinking about the goal.
  • Sravanthi said that Akhil should keep his emotions in control.
  • Ajay said that Mumaith shouldn’t be straight forward always.
  • Ariyana said that Ashu shouldn’t get low sometimes.
  • Hamida said that Mahesh shouldn’t reveal all his strategies to everyone in the house.
  • Natraj master said Tejaswi should keep her anger in control.
  • Mahesh said that Mumaith Khan shouldn’t lose her tongue.
  • Mumaith Khan countered that by saying Mahesh shouldn’t be diplomatic.
  • Akhil said Bindu Madhavi should learn to accept failure in the game.
  • Ashu said that Natraj master should accept when somebody in the house nominates him.
  • Bindu Madhavi said that Ajay should take stay strong.
  • Anil said Bindu Madhavi shouldn’t react to situations fastly.

Elimination Time

The final spot was between Tejaswi and Sravanthi. After some suspense, Tejaswi was eliminated from the show. Before she left the house, Tejaswi gave sweet Ladoos to Akhil, Ashu, Ariyana, and Sravanthi. Bitter Laddoos to Mitraww, Bindu, and Siva. Both Ladoos to Natraj Master.



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2 years ago

Tejaswi is a joke in the show and good that she is eliminated

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