Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-8th March 2022

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-8th March 2022-Episode 16 Highlights

Bigg Boss House new day began with Saami Saami song and everybody looked active in the house after a heated day of nominations. Sarayu started crying immediately because of her nominations and she thinks that everyone is against her in the house. 

On the other side Akhil Sarthak kept on talking to the cameras about himself and shared his feelings to them.

Fun Activity in the house

Bigg Boss gave a fun activity to the housemates. Everyone should pick up a housemate and they should ask random questions to them. The answers should be given wrongly. Whoever gets most number of points till the end buzzer is the winner of the task. The task went on wonderfully and it was fun filled game. 

After the task there was a small argument between Tejaswi and RJ Chaithu. The war between the warriors and the challengers is increasing day by day. Akhil Sarthak and Tejaswi are giving some tough competition to the challengers, They are not backing away at all. 

Ashu Reddy’s fun conversation

In the house Ajay Kathurvar is the most liked person now and almost everybody is trying to make conversation with him. The conversation between Ajay, Ariyana, Ashu Reddy, Anchor Sravanthi was fun filled and there were also some double meaning dialogues as well. Even though there are heated fights between the challengers and the warriors but these type of conversations and other activities is making their bond stronger as well.

Nominated Contestants for this week

Sarayu, Mitra Sharma, Anil Rathod, Hamida, Sree Rapaka, Anchor Shiva, Natraj Master, Mahesh Vitta, Ariyana, Ashu Reddy and Akhil Sarthak.


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