Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 9th March 2022

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 9th March 2022- Episode 17 Highlights

After the nominations in the Bigg Boss House, the task between the warriors and challengers got intense. Many arguments happened between the housemates and it kind of disturbed the harmony of the house. Let’s get into the details of the episode.

Bigg Boss gave an opportunity to warrior to win back their necessities. The warriors have to throw a ball into the basket and every housemate has to throw the ball two times. The sanchalaks of the game were Sree Rapaka and Hamida. The task went on well and it ended in a draw. In the tie breaker Tejaswi pointed with the throw and Anil missed his shot. That’s how the warriors team won the task. Then Warriors got luggage access from the house.

Captaincy Task- The heated game.

In this game, The warriors team became the smugglers and challengers were police officers. The smugglers have to smuggle the dolls away from the Police officers. The experienced warriors planned the game wonderfully but the challengers were also up to the game. The challengers closed the door without letting the game continue in the house. Then Natraj Master and Mahesh Vitta got angry and shouted on Anchor Shiva. Then Bigg Boss warned challengers that they shouldn’t close the door and they should only monitor at the check post itself.

In this process so smuggling the dolls. Ashu Reddy played with the dolls and accidentally it got hit on Sree Rapaka’s head and she fell down. But without any mercy, The warriors smuggled the dolls and completed the task. Things between the challengers and warriors is getting heated up. It would be interesting to see who will become the next captain in the house. 

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