Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-9th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-9th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT has entered into an another weekend. This day began with a serious note with housemates picking out the worst performer of the week.

Confused relationship between Mumaith and Ajay

Akhil was the mediator in this relationship. Ajay said that he doesn’t have any feelings on Mumaith while Mumaith said that Ajay has feelings for her but he is scared to express them. Akhil tried to convince Mumaith about this but she was in no mood to listen to him.

Worst Performer of the week

Bigg Boss asked the housemates to select the worst performer of the week by stating on their face.

  • Ashu, Akhil, Anil, and Shiva stamped Bindu Madhavi
  • Sravanthi, Ajay, Mitraww, Mahesh stamped Hamida
  • Ariyana and Natraj stamped Shiva
  • Mumaith stamped Mitraww
  • Bindu and Hamida stamped Aashu

As the votes between Hamida and Bindu got tied. Bigg Boss gave the house captain Aashu an opportunity to listen to the reasons of both the contestants and pick only one contestant to send to jail. Both of them tried their level best to convince the captain. Finally Aashu picked Bindu as the worst performer of the week and sent her to jail.

Akhil vs Bindu

Taking this as an opportunity. Bindu pointed out all the mistakes which happened in the Robo task and how participants didn’t follow the rules of the game. She also mentioned that she was playing the game for herself while others doing group politics. Akhil reacted for this and went against Bindu. For that Aashu joined Akhil and blamed Bindu for her game.

Shiva vs Natraj

The most heated argument in the house happened between the Shiva and Natraj master. Natraj crossed boundaries and spoke a few censor words as well. Natraj master blamed Shiva for his game, Shiva blamed Natraj for his words and attitude.

Now it would be interesting to see who will get eliminated this week.




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