Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 10th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-10th April 2022 Highlights

The much awaited Sunday episode is here and many things have happened in the house. Without making any delay let’s get into the details now. There is a twist before go into the details which is there is double elimination for this week.

Backstabbing Contestants

Nagarjuna started the episode by congratulating Ashu on becoming the captain of the house and he called each participant into the confession room and asked a question of who is backstabbing them. Here are some of the interesting answers of the housemates

  • Bindu, Shiva, Ariyana and Mahesh took Natraj master’s name.
  • Srvanathi said Hamida’s name.
  • Mahesh and Mumaith took Mitraww’s name.
  • Natraj master took his rivalry with Shiva to another level by taking his name.
  • Ajay said Mahesh and Sravanthi’s name.
  • Anil took Ariyana and Ashu’s name.

Natraj Vs Shiva-The War Continues

Nagarjuna talked about the war between Natraj master and Shiva. Nagarjuna showed the video and asked Natraj why was he using bad language in the house. Instead of taking out bad names, he could have expressed his emotion to the bigg boss camera. When Nagarjuna was talking to Shiva, Natraj master kept interrupting him. Then Nagarjuna lost his cool and asked him to stay silent.

Hashtags Antonyms

Nagarjuna asked housemates to bring a board which has hashtags on it. The housemates have to choose a hashtag for themselves and the remaining people will change it.

  • Natraj master chose roaring while Shiva, Mitraww, Hamida, and Sravanthi changed it to barking.
  • Bindu chose Masthi. While Akhil and Ashu changed it to Virakthi.
  • Sravanthi chose Navarasa. Ariyana and Anil changed it to No Rasa
  • Shiva chose Masala. Natraj changed it to Sappa.
  • Ashu chose Pichekkistha. Mahesh and Bindu madhavi changed it to pichekkindi.

Limelight Questions

Nagarjuna asked the housemates to answer some questions by bringing the relevant housemate suitable for the answer.

Ashu answered No shower for herself. Bad words for Natraj Master

Akhil answered Attention seeker for Ashu and lazy for shiva

Mumaith answered who feels always they are right for Bindu and Should calm down for Natraj master

  • Bindu answered Most boring person to Anil and worst dancer to Shiva
  • Natraj answered chamcha to Mitraww and Selfish to Shiva
  • Shiva answered worst company to Natraj master
  • Mitraww answered Egoistic to Natraj master and excited about gossip to Shiva.
  • Mahesh answered worst voice to Aashu and Needs to tight screw to Shiva
  • Hamida answered least favorite to Natraj and immature to Mitraww
  • Anil answered Negative vibe to Natraj master
  • Ajay answered Joker to Shiva and worst coo to Bindu
  • Sravanthi answered presence unfelt to Mitraww and Good influence to Ajay
  • Ariyana answered worst fashion sense to Shiva and least expected person in the house for 6 weeks to Mitraww.

Shiva’s Punishment

During the game, Nagarjuna played the video of Shiva washing the contestants clothes with his legs. So Nagarjuna scolded Shiva and told him to take things seriously in the game and gave punishment to wash everyone’s clothes for the whole week.

Final Elimination Round

The double elimination happened in the house. Mumiath khan along with Sravanthi got eliminated from the house. Sravanthi was asked to punch five faces and to give hugs to five contestants. She said she didn’t want to punch anybody except Natraj master. She gave hugs to Akhil, Ajay, Bindu, Ashu and Ariyana. Bindu became very emotional during this segment.


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