Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Day 1 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Day 1 Highlights

The Bigg Boss Lates edition is getting the attention of the audience slowly. Bigg Boss gave a grand welcome to all the contestants and told them to follow the rules and he has hoped that the contestants will achieve their dreams and aspirations.

The most interesting thing about the Bigg Boss House is the nominations process and it has begun yesterday. As we all know that Bigg Boss divided the house into warriors and challengers. The first nomination process is quite interesting. Only the ex-housemates will be in nominations not the new comers.

Challengers vs Warriors

The challengers got an advantage over warriors and that is the warriors cannot have more clothes with them. Every day, the challengers will allow the warriors to take only 5 clothes. The warriors have to take care of the entire house which includes cooking, and all other activities. The warriors have to eat only after the challengers will complete eating. Only one warrior will get a chance to sleep inside the bedroom. 

The cooking work has been taken by Akhil Sarthak, Ariyana Glory, Natraj Master and Tejasvi Madiwada. The Housekeeping work has been taken up Mahesh Vitta, Ashu Reddy, Hamida and Sarayu. The manager of the warriors is Mumiat Khan. 

The nomination process began and the challengers nominated warriors by picking some tag board and hanging it to their necks. Some heated arguments happened between the contestants and the first ever nomination process of the Bigg Boss Non Stop has happened. The Nominated contestants for this week are Mumait Khan, Akhil Sarthak, Natraj Master, Hamida, Ariyana and Sarayu.

The first week itself has become so interesting and many other interesting tasks which will make the show even more entertaintaining.

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